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“GreenShoesUSA” precut tennis balls are recycled tennis balls which have been washed, and then cut to fit tightly on the bottoms of school chairs and desks.

They are just under 2 ½” in diameter and have a “Y” shaped cut which is approximately 1” in length. They will hold nice and snug on desk/chair legs 1 ¼” in diameter and under.

For Walker Ball Orders, please email us when placing your order and let us know that the balls will be used on a walker. Walker Balls have to be custom cut to fit properly.

To Install: (No tools are needed). Squeeze the tennis ball if you cannot see where the opening is. Push the ball hard over the “foot” on the leg of the desk or chair, until it is on as far as it will go. The tighter the fit, the better it will stay on! Enjoy the smooth slide, scuff-free floors and the peace and quiet…