About Us

As a formerly competitive tennis player living in Florida, it used to seem extremely wasteful to me that wherever I played, people would open a brand new can of tennis balls, play with them once, and then they would just be thrown away. Their reasoning was, that by the time they played again, the balls would no longer be “bouncy” enough. With all of the tennis clubs in the area, used year round, I knew there had to be thousands of perfectly good balls being discarded every week, year round, adding unnecessarily to our landfills. That is why I started GreenShoesUSA.

Our product is competition quality, brand named (Penn, Wilson, etc.), tennis balls, washed, precut and ready to slip onto school chairs, desks, furniture, walkers, and more. They are only sold if they are clean and in excellent condition.
By purchasing these tennis balls, you are not only helping the environment by keeping them out of our landfills, but also, A percentage of all net proceeds are donated to the nonprofit The Big Dog Rescue Ranch (BDRR.org) whose mission is to provide shelter, care and affection to homeless and unwanted dogs of all breeds and to adopt them out to loving human companions.
For schools especially, using our recycled tennis balls can be shown as an example of how recycling can be done in many different ways- not just with cans, bottles, and newspapers, etc.

Having just completed our 7th year in business, we have shipped balls all over the U.S. and Canada and as far away as Guam have received only positive feedback regarding our product and service!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to call 1 (888) 255-4498 or email us at info@greenshoesusa.com.